Q: How much can I put down on my massage chair up front?
A: 20% to 50% of your grand total 
Q: Am I charged any interest?
A: No, you are not charged any interest 
Q: What if I don't have a PayPal Account?
A: If you do not currently have a PayPal Account, one is set up for you with the card information that was used for your down payment.
Q: How do I make payments?
A: After you set up your payment schedule at checkout, your payments are automatically withdrawn according to the schedule you've set up.
Q: What if I want to cancel my purchase after I have already made payments on my massage chair?
A: You would cancel directly through LAY-BUY and the appropriate amount would later be refunded to your account via PayPal. Please allow time for processing.
Q: How much does it cost to cancel a LAY-BUY purchase?
A: There is a flat, $40 cancellation fee. The remaining portion of the amount paid is refunded back to you through your PayPal Account.
Q: Why can't I select White Glove Delivery when I am checking out using LAY-BUY as a purchase option?
A: PayPal's software does not allow for White Glove Delivery options; to include White Glove Delivery in your layaway order, you must add it to your purchase separately. Click White Glove Delivery and add it to your cart. We are currently requesting they accommodate White Glove Delivery requests - we will update this sheet once they have accommodated.