LAY-BUY ... What to expect

1. At checkout:

  • Select down payment percentage (between 20-50%)
  • Select how many months to pay off remaining balance (up to 12 months)
  • Select form of payment (with Paypal Account or CC)

2. You will then receive 2 emails:

  • A down payment receipt
  • A notification of your payment plan

3. Your purchase is now pending:

  • Your payments are automatically withdrawn according to the payment schedule you've set
  • You may access your account details by accessing your PayPal account or calling us at 702-867-0008
  • You receive email notifications as each payment posts to your account

4. When your balance has been paid in full:

  • We get really excited for you and then we fulfill your order immediately
  • You receive an email notification regarding your massage chair delivery/shipping status


Put it on "LAY-BUY"