VIP Premium Massage Chairs

Have you ever taken a good look around your living or bedroom and thought something was missing? Perhaps it is that ultimate level of comfort, or that one piece of furniture that stands out? With busy days, stressful lives, and expensive massage services in salons, wouldn't it be great if you could simply enjoy a soothing massage in a chair in your own home on-demand? If you think this is a far-fetched idea, think again because we offer VIP Massage Chairs of all types that perform full-fledged body massage for tens of thousands of patrons around the US. For one-on-one consultation about which massage chairs will best suit your individual needs, please send a request for a one-on-one consultation using the Contact Us form.

Our premium massage chair collection thoughtfully ranges, catering to your size, your lifestyle, your preferences, and your pocketbook. Whether it’s with an outright purchase or you opt for an amazing financing option, your brand new VIP Massage Chair will be worth every penny!

We want your life to be comfortable, which is why we guarantee satisfaction and also offer free shipping! Now, ordering your favorite VIP Massage Chair has never been easier!

Massage chairs are available in different types and serve various purposes. We don't leave any stone unturned and guarantee that our collection is high-quality, functional, and offering the most contemporary designs. Choose from zero gravity massage chairs, deep tissue massage chairs, foot rolling massage chairs, or one that’s designed to give you a full body hug! Not sure which one to explore or choose? Let us help.

Feeling beat down and restricted after a hard day’s work? Meet our Zero Gravity VIP Massage Chairs! While these chairs could easily double as a pretend rocket ship cockpit for your ‘tweenager, each one is designed to strategically position you in a way that neutralizes the stresses imposed on your body by gravity. When this zero gravity position is coupled with the heaven of compression and tapotement vacillating up and down your fatigued back muscles, it renders an on-demand massage experience that is so exquisite, you will need to pinch yourself to realize it’s something you can experience daily. Don’t be surprised if every other chair in your home gets demoted in its wake.

Are you experiencing deep pain in specific areas? The Deep Tissue Massage Chair range would be most appropriate to deal with chronic pain in different areas including the lower back, the spine, the shoulders, etc. It gives you a deep penetrating massage that eases the muscles and gives you relief from long-term physically painful conditions. Most Deep Tissue Massage Chairs come with pressure level options.

Who doesn't love a good foot massage? Foot massages are known for their extreme calming quality. That is why the Foot Rolling Massage Chair range is so popular. The massage chair gives you a body massage but also adds a proper notch of pressure on the bottom of your feet to relieve the tension and give you the relaxation you have wanted all day. This would be perfect if you spend most of the day on your feet and need proper rest in the evening. A foot rolling massage chair requires shoe removal; take this into consideration when deciding whether or not your chair should offer foot massage!

If you want to choose from massage chairs that have been rated highly by users, then check out the 5-star Massage Chair collection! These massage chairs are the ones that users have taken the time to endorse and recommend to other massage chair lovers with between 4 & 5 star ratings. Check out these wonderful designs and the benefits of each. No matter which chair you choose; a convenient payment plan is available to you.

So what if you want a massage chair but you are afraid that it will take up too much room in your house or in the particular room you want to place it in? We also offer a range of space- saving massage chairs that are available in different colors so that they blend in with the rest of your furniture. Take care of aesthetic appeal, comfort, and practicality simultaneously by choosing a chair with space saving quality.

At VIP Massage Chairs, we actually treat you like proper VIPs because not only are all of our customers very important to us… so is their health: very important.

We offer free shipping when you place an order and ensure that your massage chair is sent to you in perfect condition. Choose between curbside delivery and White Glove Delivery to have a professional assemble the chair for you on site. Regardless of delivery preference, you will receive a call from your courier to ensure the chair is dropped off during a time you’re able to receive it.

White glove delivery gives you a premium option in which your chair is taken inside your home and assembled for you and placed appropriately. Free curbside delivery gets your chair to your address. At that time it is up to you to take it inside and put it together yourself!

If you love massages and want a permanent massaging tool, a VIP Massage Chair is your friend for life! Please do check out our flexible and convenient payment options and choose the one that best suits you. VIP Massage Chairs makes it every bit of possible for you to buy one. Cheers to the VIP in you! Cheers to your VIP health!